Author: Billy Rich


The Healing Power of Massage

Imagine lying on a specialized massage table or chair as skilled hands work magic on your body. Although many people associate massage with self-indulgent pampering, this therapeutic treatment is a powerful tool for managing stress and illness. While much research needs to be done, one well-tested benefit is its ability to help ease anxiety and […]

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Weight Loss Treatment

Semaglutide For Type 2 Diabetes

Injection-site reactions (including bruising, discoloration and induration) occurred in 0.6% of participants in phase 3 studies with semaglutide. These were not considered severe or a reason to withhold therapy. Semaglutide San Diego reduced weight and improved glycemic control, lipid levels, cardiovascular risk factors. In addition to lowering blood glucose levels, Semaglutide also helps patients lose […]

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